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To Brew the Best…Start with the Best

We understand the importance of the main ingredient in beer; water! We also realize the specifics of water can be an area of expertise hard to understand. Our goal is to build a relationship with your brewery that allows you to brew quality beers with a customized water system.

What We Do - Virginia Filtronics

We are not selling water filters. We are adding value and peace of mind to brewers concerned that their water quality needs will be met efficiently and economically in order for them to brew confidently. The quality of the water will be a major problem that they will never have to take care of themselves allowing them to focus on the important part of their business; MAKING BEER!

Add Value

Free water analysis specific to your breweries building. That would be followed up with a specific water filter detailing why which media should be used using the water analysis. Maybe a mix of catalytic carbon plus KDF media because the report came back that the water had chloramines plus iron or hydrogen sulfide in the water. This would allow product differentiation; nobody else is doing this and it would be truly be a custom filter.

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