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When you draw a glass of water to drink or turn on the shower, you’re getting a product that hasn’t changed much since the 19th century. For generations chlorine has allowed municipalities to deliver germ-free water to homes all over the world. It’s a very effective disinfectant because it kills living organisms. By that definition alone, it’s a pesticide. When you chlorinate a body of water that has organics in it, you get a “witches brew” of substances – volatile organic compounds, trihalomethanes, undigested pharmaceuticals, known as carcinogens. There are literally thousands of these chemical compounds in our water. With the amount of chemicals and minerals in the water, it can be puzzling about how to deal with it.

Also, in municipalities around the country, like here in James City County, there are significant issues with scale – a mineral deposit left on sinks and showers. It clogs pipes and water heaters, and really is quite a nuisance. The only way to deal with this problem in the past was to install a bulky water softener. They’re not only expensive with high maintenance, but they also waste thousands of gallons of water and add sodium to the ecosystem, not to mention your diet. The water in James City County is already extremely soft, which is why softeners aren’t the answer.

Virginia Filtronics

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