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TESTIMONIALS - Virginia Filtronics

What your neighbors are saying about the WaterCombo


"I like the fact that I get bottled-water from every tap in the house. I don't smell chlorine anymore. And the ScaleBlaster is eliminating scale from the shower thats built-up over nine years! I'll never have anther home without a WaterCombo."

- Cindy Rogers, Ford's Colony

"As a physician I understand the importance of clean, chemical-free water. Virginia Filtronics has provided me with whole-house filters in my home for over 10 years now. I also have them in my office. I highly recommend them. Virginia Filtronics has given me excellent service through the years and that is something that is priceless."

- Dr. Sarah Forbes, Newport News

"When our daughter returned for college break she didn't know we'd had the units installed. She noticed a difference after her first shower! Like me, she saw the change in the way her hair felt. It's more manageable, has more body. I noticed how much softer the clothes felt when I took them out of the washer."

- Leah Berger, Governor's Land


Still not convinced your water is bad?  Find out What’s Really In Your Water.

At Virginia Filtronics, we quickly install our Scale Blaster system in your home within sixty minutes! There’s no maintenance required on your end so you don’t have to worry about constant upkeep. We guarantee to provide you with excellent customer service and quality products that will help make your home safer from chemicals as well as improving your quality of life with better quality water.

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