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The WaterCombo

Our solution: The WaterCombo. This product is the first of its kind that joins together two critical solutions to eliminate scale, harmful chemicals and disinfectant byproducts from your water. The ScaleBlaster introduces the solution to eliminate scale and the water filter separates chlorine and other chemicals and byproducts to produce bottled-water quality to every tap and appliance in your home. The idea is to leave the chlorine in the water (to keep out the bacteria), until it reaches your home. Then, remove it. The filter part of our treatment system works much like a bottled-water factory. Just like a firewall keeps your computer safe these units reduce and remove chemicals, chlorine, disinfect by-products – essentially, everything you don’t want in your water. We leave in the beneficial minerals. Read on to see how you can eliminate chemicals and scale in your water and improve the quality of life for your family.


  • Takes chlorine out of the water once it reaches your home

  • Eliminates scale build up

  • Full 10- Year Warranty

  • 20-25 year lifespan

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee


  • All water around your home is chemical free, including the water that comes from your kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, water heater… everywhere!

  • You’ll get healthier, younger-looking skin and hair because of the lack of chlorine in the water.

  • You’ll get relief from dry skin and scalp.

  • You’ll get reduced fading of color-treated hair

  • Softer, cleaner laundry

  • Increased water efficiency (up to 29%!)

  • Reduces scale (white residue build up on your showers and sinks), without installing a bulky water softener that’s expensive, wastes water, and adds sodium

  • Prolongs life of appliances

Need to eliminate scale in water and filter the water in your home?

You’ve found the right product for the job - Contact Virginia Filtronics

  • Part of the Water Combo solution is the ScaleBlaster, a unique product that eliminates scale buildup. 

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